Why Residential Painting Services Are Better Than DIY

Choosing a residential painting service over a DIY approach can have a number of benefits. Hiring a professional painter will mean less work for you, and the finished project will have a more polished look. Plus, residential painting contractors are equipped with special tools that make the job go faster and smoother. These tools can help them reach higher areas and decorative details on the home.

Commercial painting involves larger projects

Commercial painting is a specialty that requires a high level of skill and experience. This type of painting requires the use of different tools and equipment to get the job done right, and can involve working on various surfaces such as wood, metal, reinforced plastic, and concrete. Commercial painters also often use specialty coatings that require special application and knowledge of how they react to specific surfaces.

Unlike residential painting, commercial painting projects require much more planning and scheduling. During a commercial painting project, efficiency and productivity are key. In addition, avoiding any interruption to business is paramount. Because of this, commercial painters need to be flexible with their schedules. This means they will often need to work outside of business hours. To ensure minimal disruption to business, commercial painting contractors will make sure to follow the business owner’s needs.

Costs are lower for residential painting

The prices for residential painting services will vary based on the location. While the labor cost is often lower, the overall cost can increase if the job includes moving furniture and other obstacles. Costs are also higher if the painter needs to repair drywall and remove wallpaper. Many professional painters price their jobs on a flat fee or project basis.

Painting a whole house can cost between $2,191 and $4,051. You can save money by painting just the walls, rather than re-painting trim and doors. But you will pay more if you want a high-quality paint job.

Costs of hiring a residential painting contractor

Hiring a residential painting contractor can be expensive. You’ll be spending money on paint and supplies, but you’ll also be paying for their time and expertise. The contractor will be responsible for removing wallpaper, painting cracks and holes, and doing other preparation work before the actual painting project begins. These extra costs will be tacked on to the quoted price. Fortunately, there are several ways to cut the cost of hiring a residential painting contractor. There are more information at Bernie Brozek.

First, you’ll need to find out the rates of several painting contractors in your area. It’s best to get at least three estimates. Ask each one to include details about materials, labor, and insurance.

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